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SPD4459 特色擺設(6) <花草篇> Special Decoration(6)

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

SPD4459 特色擺設(6) <花草篇>

香港呢個寸金尺土GE地方, 一草難求啊!!!! 所以一放假好多香港人都會選擇去親親大自然, 享受一下生活, 今日就等我黎介紹下有咩方法唔洗出門口都可以享受人生喇!!!! YEAH....
In Hong Kong, greensward is difficult to find. Therefore, lots of HongKongers would like to spend a whole day with their friends or family members in some natural places such as Tai O or Cheung Chau at weekend.
Today, let me introduce the solution for enjoying the natural environment at home. Yeah....

呢間CAFE 係唔係佈置得好靚呢?入到去,感覺就如家一樣。下就同朋友坐係露台,感覺如同去左大澳水鄕一樣咁relax。秘訣?HEHE, 就係D假花囉。
唔去花墟, 旺角現被'佔旺'範圍內GE創興廣場都有好多選擇可以比你揀嫁, 而且全部都只係HKD12乍!!!

This Cafe looks beautiful. When we move into the cafe, we can feel that it is so warm just like the feelings of backed home.
The tips for building the warm feeling are the good matching of the plants.
The Flowers have been shown in the picture are purchased in Flower Market of Hong Kong. But it seems too experience, so I have got some other suggestions for your consumption, all items have been sold at HKD12 only. It is a more affordable choices for you.

重吾快啲約人去睇下?!  Let's go with ur fd now!!!!

1) 插花類 Flowers

2) 藤類 Rattan Plant

Shop: Living PLAZA by AEON

Address: 3/F Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Road, Kowloon

特別鳴謝: Jouse Cafe

Edited by Wan Lee LUI (Winnie)
Contact us: winniielui@gmail.com

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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