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SPD 4459 文具堂 ‧ 日式文具店QIPS

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations 
SPD4459 文具堂 ‧ 日式文具店QIPS

The idea of "Simple" is one of the trends rising in Hong Kong.

You can saw many people, the clothes are plain and simple.

The following photos from Plastic Thing have explain the trend perfectly.

而文具亦走向簡約路線. 早前在美麗華的日式文具店QIPS
And now, stationary also follow this trend.
QIPS is a Japanese Stationary Store which locate in Miramar Shopping Center.

亦在推廣以簡約 ‧ 高質 為題的 MD PAPER 著名日本文具品牌.
Also, promote the famous Japanese stationary brand "MD PAPER"
which the design is simple and made of high quality paper.

著名日本文具品牌 MD PAPER.
These are the products from famous Japanese stationary brand "MD PAPER"

Recently, QIPS also arrive some new schedule.

其中一位Blogger Zoey 亦也不住購買一本.
Zoey who is one of the bloggers have buy a schedule in QIPS too.

好喜歡這種瘦長型的時間簿. 感覺比正方的高貴點.
Love this shape so much and look so gorgeous.

配合了簡單的手繪圖案  再以瘦長型的設計, 也很英式.
The English style design used hand drawing and the thin and long shape.


Photos from Plastic Things, QIPS Facebook Fans Page

By Cynthia Tang - SPD4459
SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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