2014年10月29日 星期三

SPD4459 文具堂 ‧ 貓貓地

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations 
SPD4459 文具堂 ‧ 貓貓地

不經不覺, 距離2015只剩下兩個月. 差不多要準備新的時間簿了
Still get 2 months to 2015. It's time to buy a new schedule!

今個星期的主題是文具, 我會一連5日為大家介紹油旺區的特色文具店
The theme is this week is stationary, I will introduce special stationary store in this 5 days

係日本好多出名的文具店都會有個堂字, 例如: 世界堂, 文房堂, 鳩居堂. 
Many Japanese stationary store name use "Tong".

Therefore, I named this week as Stationary Tong.

今日要為大家介紹 一間"貓貓地"既店舖, 係貓奴一定不可以錯過. 
Today, I will introduce Cat Cat land. If you have cat addiction, you cannot miss this!

一望店面,就有好多貓貓塞滿在櫥窗. 見到都好興奮. 
Wow! the display windows are full of cat!

Cat Cat land not only sell stationary.

"貓貓地" 有兩間分店. 一間在旺角.一間在銅鑼灣.
Cat cat land have 2 branches which locate in Mong Kok and Causeway bay.

This is a pen case.

您可以放筆, 又或者當化妝袋,用來放唇膏.
It can also use as cosmetic bag to put the lip stick in.

This is my new schedule book and the price is around HKD70. 

This book is so thin.

如果您有學鋼琴, 可以係店內買到琴鍵布 同 琴譜夾. 真係好得意.
If you have piano in your home, the store also sell the piano accessories like piano key covers and 
piano clip.It is so cute.

Photos from Cat Cat land Facebook Fans Page 

By Cynthia Tang - SPD4459
SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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