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SPD4459 潮鞋子 Stylish Shoes (1)

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SPD4459 潮鞋子 Stylish Shoes (1) 

高俊熙 (고준희) 係一個韓國女演員, 一直都覺得佢好女神。更估吾到既係佢係HIGH CUT

雜誌著過既SKECHERS ( golden panda )銷量十分之好! 韓國賣89,000 won, 香港旺角朗豪坊
既 Skechers 專門店都有得買, HKD$999。當然個價係比韓國貴, 但係其實貨源好少,上次買
39碼都得番果一兩對! 所以自己好快手買左, 你重等咩 ?

Ko Joon-hee (고준희) is a South Korean actress, I always think that she is a great model.
Surprisingly, after she wore SKECHERS (golden panda) for the HIGH CUT Magazine cover, the
sales of the shoes has been boosted! SKECHERS Golden panda sold  89,000 won in Korea , and you
can find these shoes (HKD $ 999) at Skechers stores in Langham Place, Mongkok. Of course, the
price should be higher than you buy in Korea. However, the supply is really limited. Last time, they
only had two pairs of size 39. So what are you waiting for? 

Skechers golden panda 共有兩色, 黑同白色! 偷偷話你知對鞋係限量版泥架!

Skechers golden panda shoes have black and white two colors.
And it is limited edition so if you want to buy one, you should buy it as fast as possible!
On the other hand, my friend told me that me legs look so slim when I am wearing Skechers
golden panda. ;)


地址: 九龍旺角朗豪坊8樓10號舖 
Shop 10, Level 8, Langham Place, Mongkok 
Tel: 3514 9348

Edited by Yi Tung Chan (Zoey) 
SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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