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SPD4459 潮鞋子 Stylish Shoes (3)

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

SPD4459 潮鞋子 Stylish Shoes (3) 

Bonjour!  Ooh La La! 大家好! 今日吾係教大家法文, 其實係想介紹下Ooh La La!呢個
品牌, 佢係一個韓國品牌。而Ooh La La! 係法文入面解作 "哇, 天呀!"  , 設計師用呢個
名做brand name,係想將日常生活既特別而又趣怪既事物加入佢地既插畫入面! 然後,
再將插畫圖案整成一d 飾物同文具等等! 

Bonjour! Ooh La La! Hello everyone! Today I am not going to teach you French, in fact, we would
like to introduce the Korean brand to you guys which called Ooh La La! . Ooh La La! in French 
means "Wow, God!", and the designers use it as a brand name as they want to  show the special and 
comical things in their daily life through the illustration. Then, they will add the illustration and 
pattern into their products, such as accessories and stationary.  


而近排韓國品牌 Ooh La La! 更破格同Ete! 合作推出左一系列既鞋! 連文詠珊 (Janice man) 
同王敏奕(Wong Man Yik)  都愛不釋手! 咁又岩既, Ooh La La! 既公仔圖案咁可愛。 <3

Recently, Ooh La La! and Ete! incorporate to launch a series of shoes.Janice man and 
Wong Man Yik love them so much as the pattern of Ooh La La! is really cute, right? <3

每對大約$899, 重有好多款架! 快d 去旺角或尖沙咀Ete! 分店啦!
The price is around HKD$899 per one pair of shoes. They have different types of shoes, 
lets go to their stores at  Mongkok  or Tsimshatsui! 

Sources: ete!
Langham Place Shop B1-16, Langham Place, Mongkok 

Sources: ete! 
THE ONE Shop L113, THE ONE, Tsimshatsui 

Edited by Yi Tung Chan (Zoey) 
SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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