2014年11月1日 星期六

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今次為大家介紹既係好出名韓國文具品牌"Ooh La La"
Today, I will introduce the famous Korean Stationary Brand "Ooh La La".

"Ooh La La"個名係來自法國表示驚訝的意思.
"Ooh La La" is mean surprising in France.

The name is so cute.

The drawing style is funny and freaky.

"Ooh La La"已經係log on 有得賣啦.
You can buy the "Ooh La La" in Log On

有好螢光既筆袋, 仲有好多唔同搞笑貼紙貼係時間簿.
There is different types of product include shot pink pencil case and funny sticker to decorate ur schedule.

呢個筆袋個設計好似保鮮袋. 好得意.
The design of the pencil case look like a zipper bags,

This pencil case will remind you to keep doing exerciser.

好搞鬼既貼紙. 好適合想自己DIY既您. 
These funny stickers are suitable for your DIY Schedule.

好想買右2個枝 太空原子筆. 
The space design pen in right left is so CUTE!!!

"Ooh La La" 係LOG ON 既專櫃.
"Ooh La La" counter in LOG ON.

除左筆袋同貼紙 仲狼好多唔同既商品嫁.
Except pen cases and stickers, there are also many different types of product in LOG ON

Photos from Fall in design.com

By Cynthia Tang - SPD4459

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