2014年10月31日 星期五

SPD4459 文具堂 ‧ Page One

今日行過尖沙咀的海港城,發現PAGE ONE 己經新開了
I find that the PAGE ONE  in Harbor City is now open!

新開的PAGE ONE 空間非常大,佔有兩層,第一層是主要是買雜誌
The new PAGE ONE is large and have 2 floors. First floor mainly sell magazine.

第二層則有不同種類的書同買文, 還有Cafe.
The second floor sell different types of books and facilitate a cafe.

整間PAGE ONE 都很有復古的感覺.
The new PAGE ONE look so vintage.

這是PAGE ONE的文具部. 陳列方法有別於一般傳統書店.
Here is the stationary dept of Page one, the display of stationary look different with
other traditional book store.

It looks like every types of stationary have their own stage.

在PAGE ONE看見到很搞笑的文件夾, 封面係手腳既按摩可以刺激位置.
The file use reflex point on feet and hand as cover design. It is so funny!

還有一個文件夾好適合中學生用, 因為它可以教您吹牧童笛.
Also, there is a file design as a guideline to play recorder.

The file only cost 35 Hong Kong dollars.


By Cynthia Tang - SPD4459

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