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SPD 4495 潮鞋子 stylish shoes(12)

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介紹左咁多種鞋子比大家 鞋咁靚真係唔想整糟佢
After introduces so many beautiful shoes, you will never want to make it dirty

出街行每一步都要左避右避 好驚比人 糟左小小都要即刻用手整番乾淨
you have to be very careful when you wear them to go out

宜家唔洗咁煩喇!! 介紹番:有波鞋神器之稱嘅Jason Markk!
No need to be so scare now! there is a shoe cleaner called Jason Markk!

呢樽野唔好睇佢細細枝 都可以洗到六七十次架
Don't just look at the size of the bottle, it may cleans for around sixty to seventy shoes 

 It may applier even to suede 

one set of Jason Markk 

before and after used

1. 沾一沾濕個刷
2. 落幾滴Jason Markk 落個刷上
3. 再沾濕個刷 **今次要fing乾水**
4. 用刷刷要清潔既部位 至起泡
5. 用乾淨毛巾抹走泡沫
6. 將鞋放係通風位置自然風乾

1.Dip a wet a brush

2. drop a few drops Jason Markk on the brush
3.Then wet a brush **the brush should dry**
4.To clean both parts with a brush until bubbling
5.put the shoes dry naturally
*Applies to all colors, materials both sports shoes (including leather, plastic, canvas, nylon, suede)*


Little experience:
-Dry much water as possible to brush suede
- take off the Shoelace before cleaning

there are many videos teach you how to use

it always sold out 

係旺角k sneakers有得買
you may found it at K Sneakers in Mongkok


the one who really loves shoes should buy one or two set for you shoes

around HKD$180

Address: 14,G/F, Paradise Square 3 Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok

Edited by  Hoi Man To

Edited by  Hoi Man To