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SPD4459潮鞋子 Stylish Shoes (2)

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

SPD4459 潮鞋子 Stylish Shoes (2) 

其實好多80's 90's都好鐘意上instagram Shopping 購物, 但係好多人又擔心無實物,買完番泥吾岩
會好浪費。所以今次介紹下一間instagram Shop 既實體店俾大家啦! 間店叫 Mbamazing

In fact, a lot of post post-80s and 90s like shopping on instagram but most of them are worried that 
they cannot touch and see the actual products through online shopping.So we would like to introduce 
you a shop that has both physical and instagram store. Let's start, the shop called Mbamazing, they 
are mainly selling foreign brand shoes and cosmetics, and the style is weird and trendy.

快d上instagram follow 佢地啦!
Let's follow their instagram right now! 

And the environment and decoration of the shop really match their weird and Harajuku style

有買開外國鞋既朋友, 多素都買 Zara, Dr martens 同 Bone 既鞋會吾會覺得悶? 
其實JeffreyCampbell 都係好好既選擇! 因為個底夠哂厚, 加埋Timberland工人鞋
既外表, 玩味好重! 價錢由$12xx- $14xx左右不等!

Many people prefer buying shoes from Zara, Dr martens and Bone. However, do you feel bored?
Actually, JeffreyCampbell is also a good choice as the shoes of JeffreyCampbell have at least 2.5" 
heel, 1" platform, it is suitable for the people who want to be taller. 
(Prices: HKD$12xx- $14xx)

另外, Mbamazing 重有好多奇特既鞋款,想睇更多鞋款就自己上去睇下啦!

Moreover, Mbamazing also have different types of unique and peculiar shoes.
Go to visit their store to see more!

門市: 旺角CHIC之堡306號舖 *15:00-22:00

Edited by Yi Tung Chan (Zoey) 
SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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