2014年11月6日 星期四

SPD 4459 潮鞋子 Stylish Shoes(9)

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

Let's go to another brand~~

Do you still remember Cheung Chi Ming?

佢簡直係潮人嘅指標 個個都爭住扮佢
He is a character from a Hong Kong film and he is a fashion icon. Everyone would like to dress like him

New Balance就係因為佢帶起左一輪熱潮
That's why NewBalance can hit again

香港炒風一向都好勁 經過志明着一着之後個個即刻衝去買
after Chi Ming wear it, everyone go to buy the same shoes and want to use it to earn money

佢着過啲款更加一度賣到斷哂 要搵就更加難
it is difficult to find the style that he wear

介紹番一間專賣New Balance嘅鋪比大家
Now, I introduce one shop to you

佢叫K Sneakers 入面576 996 1600 999咩型號都有
it called "K Sneakers" there are many different style of New Balance,such as 576 996 1600 999

if you guys want to buy, you may go to there

佢地都有個facebook page定期講下有咩新貨番左
they got a facebook account to update their news

you may find their account on instagram also

Address: 14,G/F, Paradise Square 3 Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok

Edited by  Hoi Man To