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*SPD4459 Halloween 2 - Accessories*

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

SPD4459 Halloween 2 - Accessories

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Halloween 重有個幾星期就到喇喎, 琴日講完佈置屋企或舖頭有咩介紹?? 今日就等我講下邊到可以買到D 抵GE Halloween Accessory 喇!!!!

A week later, there will be the day for celebrating Halloween. After introduced the decorations yesterday, today I will introduce a place where you can buy lots of Accessory at a affordable price.

旺角GE創興廣場, 我地可以搵到好多Halloween 適用ge  Accessories。唔好等喇, 去睇下喇!!
We can find lots of accessories that can be used during Halloween in Chong Hing Square of Mong Kok. Let's start our tours!!

1) Head wears

2) Masks

3) Hats

哈哈, 我係唔係好似女巫呢??  HAHA, Am I looks like a Witch???XPP

4) Teeth



你重唔快D Mark 實我地XP

More information would be provided tomorrow, Please follow Us ^3!!!


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SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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