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SPD4459 尋·寶 5

近排韓風吹得咁勁,又點可以唔介紹下專賣韓國貨ge 小店 OHKOREABEAUTY呢。
同樣身為90後ge 店主,好早就已經愛上韓國潮流,仲不識供本,飛到韓國幫客仔搵最
新最潮ge 貨品

Recently, Korean style is popular in Hong Kong. So, we are now going to introduce a shop which 
sells Korean products. This shop called OHKOREABEAUTY and the 90s owner will go and find 
some fashionable, trendy, Korean-style products to her customers in Korea.

(photo from OHKOREABEAUTY)
店主真係好鍾意韓國ga,連簡男朋友都要係韓國人~ WA !!!

The owner really loves Korea, even her boyfriend is Korean too

(photo from OHKOREABEAUTY)
早排好hit ge Promise Me水樽,店主都成功成為香港代理,想買又怕買到假貨ge,

OHKOREABEAUTY is the agency of Promise Me bottle which is very famous in Hong Kong 
for a while. 

(photos from OHKOREABEAUTY)

Also, you can see many cosmetics and skin care products in OHKOREABEAUTY. 
Both of them play an important role for female.

(photos from OHKOREABEAUTY)
連個outlook都想引死人? OHKOREABEAUTY幫到你,除左化妝護膚品外,? 
OHKOREABEAUTY仲會買埋衫褲鞋襪飾物…… 一站式服務實滿足哂你所有要求

OHKOREABEAUTY is not only sell cosmetics and skin care products, but also apparels, shoes, 
bags, accessories. It helps to fulfill all your needs and wants. 

地址:  旺角好景商業大廈
電話: 67463646

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SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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