2014年10月14日 星期二

SPD4459 特色擺設 (2) BB 公仔

SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

SPD4459 特色擺設 (2) BB 公仔

每次行旺角,行朗豪坊係常識吧! 但呢間激安殿堂,你地有無行過先?
入面有好多古靈精怪既公仔架! 例如圖下呢隻BB 公仔,8090後都一定見過!
好有集體回憶 ;) 如果想睇更多,快D去佢地間店睇下啦!

When you shop in Mong Kok, you may go to Langham Place, right? But have you visit
 to this gift and toys’ shop. They are selling a lot of funny toys and decorations from Japan. 
The below photos show that the baby decorations which bought from the shop of 激安殿堂
have many collective memories for those 80 & 90’s. If you are interested in the vintage and
 unique decorations, you can go to visit their store in Langham Place, Mong Kok.
Let's go shopping! 

地點: 旺角朗豪坊 Langham Place, MongKok
位置:L11 15-17
電話:2368 4112

Edited by Yi Tung Chan (Zoey) 
SPD4459 Internet Marketing and Public Relations

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