2014年10月22日 星期三

**News**SPD4459 YTM Style Blog 現已新設Google+ Community


SPD4459 YTM Style Blog 現已新設 Google+ Community

為左更配合 Google "只要一個帳戶, 所有Google 服務暢行無阻ge概念, YTM Style Blog 已於本月初新設 Google+ Community
讓各用家只需要用一個 Gmail account 就可以社交 Follow blog 0難度!!!

重唔快d 加入我地?   冇Google Account? 快d 禁我 申請個喇!

Aimed to match the concept of "One account. All of Google.", we created Google+ Community in the beginning of October. Now, what you need is to own a Google Gmail account then you can enjoy all services provided by Google including the Blogspot (Blog) service. We (YTM Style Blog) reduce the barriers for following our blog, and hope that you can enjoy this new offering.

So, take action now, follow us now.
If you don't have a Google Account, no worries, Please Click Me to Sign Up your own account.

Thank you for all of your support.

Source: http://imgarcade.com/1/kissy-face-cartoon/
Edited by Wan Lee LUI (Winnie)
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